The Irreplaceable

Launched to celebrate her milestone birthday, THE IRREPLACEABLE is a unique and exquisite
Anthology of Japanese Tankas by Noriko Barrow. In full colour and richly illustrated, this collection
of Japanese Tankas – ‘short songs’, each one reverberating in a single unbroken breath using the 5-
line, 31-syllable unrhymed format, is published as a gesture of thanks from Noriko Barrow to all who
have invaluably touched her life.

Noriko is a poet of quiet sensitivity and she has curated these Tankas written throughout her life to
share her joy, love and gratitude of nature, existence itself, family and friends – all irreplaceable in
her life – to whom Noriko says she owes so much.
In her own words, Noriko Barrow says :
“ This Anthology has been written with joy and much thankfulness. Now, just celebrating my 80 th
birthday, I want to leave behind a meaningful legacy which would convey my deep feelings of
gratitude. This appreciation and love begins with my parents, my husband and my family. There are
also many people whom I owe very much to. I have been fortunate to have known many excellent
teachers who have influenced me so positively in how I live my life. I have also been blessed with
some wonderful and special friends whom I love and respect. They are all irreplaceable in my life –
hence the title of this Anthology, ‘The Irreplaceable’ which I hope will be able to humbly acknowledge
this. This Anthology is written in both Japanese and English – to recognise my heritage and my many
bi-cultural friendships around the world.”

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