Late Have I Loved Thee

LATE HAVE I LOVED THEE is a transcending and spirit-led story of love.

With just 96 pages of text and photographs in full colour, this is a small book which packs a very big punch! LATE HAVE I LOVED THEE is almost lyrical in its eloquence; it is powerful and evocative.
A must-read.

Fresh on the heels of her recently published run-a-way best-seller, MILLENNIALS MEET MARY, the popular author Joan Foo Mahony takes an honest and unabashed look at herself in this earnestly personal book about her spiritual journey back to God. Joan invites us to tread this path gently with her. Written with Joan’s usual panache, wit and style, she records her own ‘Confessions’ as to how and why, just as in the case of the Biblical Parables of the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep, she was able to find and receive the perfect and infinite love of God.


Joan is an Author of many books and her array of subject matters is as catholic in its universality as much as Joan is herself a Catholic in her faith. Aside from writing, Joan is also the Publisher and Editor of more than 12 books with her own publishing company, JF Publishing. Joan’s most recent book published in 2020, ‘MILLENNIALS MEET MARY’ was launched at the Vatican Museum to a world-wide audience at the height of the Covid Pandemic by Zoom Webinar on May 30th 2020 at the Vatican Museum and thousands of copies of the digital and print version of the book have since been downloaded and distributed.

ALL proceeds of the beautifully bound printed book will go to ‘The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum’ in Rome. Its mission for Catholic Higher Education is a cause very close to Joan’s heart.

A note about the Front Cover : ‘TWO BEES ON A HONEYCOMB’ is an original painting colour/gouache on paper by the former investment banker and now artist, Tan Lim Heng who created the artwork for this book. The honeycomb with its repeated cluster of hexagon-shaped cells; the perfect shape with the strength and efficiency to hold together the bee’s golden honey nectar is symbolic of the sweet and gentle character of Jesus Christ and God’s word which is portrayed as the product of a honeycomb.

The AFTERWORD is written by Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim, a young professional fashion designer and consultant who also designed the book. In her eloquent and touching Afterword, Tiffanee writes about how working on this book with Joan has changed her life; reset her thinking and given her an optimism to move ahead with her life.

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