By Joan Foo Mahony


First published in 2002, Indispensable Qi Gong – For People On the Go! is a best-seller. This handy step-by-step pocket-sized guide with accompanying colour illustrations and free DVD is intended to demystify the movements of this ancient three thousand year old form of Chinese traditional exercise using the body’s vital life energy. The book provides clear and accessible instructions on how qi gong can be used in everyday situations by the busy individual. Whether at work, at play, or in moments of leisure, Indispensable Qi Gong shows readers how the use of qi gong in those little pockets of spare time will improve both physical and mental well being.

The message of the book is this – you can do qi gong anywhere – in a bus, in the plane, while at the office, and even while playing golf. You choose which qi gong exercise to do, just as you also choose which movement is best suited to your needs at any particular point in time. The objective is to make Indispensable Qi Gong the reader’s daily companion. The book’s easy to understand instructions and illustrations will familiarize the reader with the stances that will eventually become second nature and improve one’s physical and mental well being.

The perfect remedy for busy executives like me.
Patrick Johnson, Senior Advertising Executive, New York, USA
I am sleeping like a baby after overcoming years of suffering from insomnia. Thanks for introducing Qi Gong to me.
Alberto Nunez, Building Contractor, Texas, USA

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  • 1st Edition 2002
  • Softcover; Paperback, 112 pages, full colours
    Includes instructional DVD
    13.1 × 13.6 cm
    0.2 kg
    ISBN: 983-9476-12-2
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